The Anahit

The anahit is a very promising Hungarian band defining their genre as moment capturing electronica with dark R&B effects. 
The truth is somwhere between the  musice styles of the London Grammar and Florence and the Machine. 
Their live shows are full of energy which captures the audience.

The anahit was originally Rita Csanyi’s solo project which started in 2017 in London. 
Rita studied at The Institute of Contemporary Music London and as her final year project 
she decided to record an 8-song-album with the title ‘In The Dark’.

  „It is rare to come across someone who masters a highly technival field in a matter of months, 
The anahit is one of this exceptions, her approach to music production is instantly assured and very impressive,
a natural talent in songwriting. The anahit is one to watch
” – wrote Jason O’Bryan (the producer/ bassist,  
Dub Pilots, Grammy Award nominated soundtrach of the film Y Tú Mama También) about the project.

Rita was experimenting with electronica at the time, and after a while 
she found her style which is something like dark r&b and experimental pop. 
She recorded the album with guitarist, György Havasi-Hollanda and released it in June 2017. 
A few months later she moved back to her hometown, Budapest and decided to form a band to be able 
to perform these songs live. At that time she met Soma Sashegyi keyboard player and producer and they decided to create a live act. 
They performed as an electronic duo for a year and György joined them at some of their bigger concerts. 
The anahit was officially a band from then.

In 2018 they won a talent
competition, Eter festival and as a prize they got the chance to perform at Sziget Festival. In January 2019, drummer Daniel Kocsis joined the band, which
completely changed the whole vibe of the project. It became more exciting and
filled it with a lot of energy. In April 2019 they released their second
 called ‘Addicted’. Currently they are performing in
Budapest and all around Hungary and already working on their third album. Their
goal is to introduce their music for the audience within country and abroad as well.