Don’t touch my hair | ENG

Szerző: The Anahit Közzétéve:

Do you know the feeling when, at the end of a bad day you want nothing more than to go out and have a few drinks?

Of course there’s always someone trying to make moves on you, getting you drinks and trying to charm you off your feet, regardless of what you say to them with seemingly no success.

Don’t Touch My Hair describes a night like this. An evening when I went to grab a few beers with the band and I just couldn’t get a guy off my back. It was both funny and irritating at the same time. On my way home in a taxi the first two verses were born. The rest of the song was written together with the band. It was one of the most enjoyable songs to work on with no laughs spared. 

Once again we thank the music video to András Hajba. The shoot was very exciting and we couldn’t wait to see the result.

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