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„2070” is a funny, ironic and brutally honest song.

Their third album „Let me inject you with my sins…” has been released in September 2020. Shortly after the album they released two singles „What’s mine is mine” and the latest one, „Heart Alive”. These empowering tracks are currently getting major airplay on international radio stations.
Rita, the singer-songwriter of the band shares some details about their brand new song “2070”.

This song reflects on the society that we live in. A society, where money and connections can get you far, even if you don’t have any talent in anything at all. 

Well, I don’t have that money and those connections but I believe that our music can get far and be heard by millions so this is why I wrote this tune. It’s like having a conversation with an imaginary billionaire who has it all and telling him or her (because there’s no gender on purpose in the song) that I can make it in the industry no matter what. It’s simple and fun, the kinda track that you can dance to with your friends and feel that you can achieve everything you dream of in this crazy life.”

The band made a special and fun lyric video for the song:

„We wanted to make a video that is more than just a lyric video. As the singer-songwriter of the band is acting in it, the visual brings the message of the lyrics closer to the audience. Reflecting to the song’s mood we created a futuristic sight through the neon lights and the popping up shiny lyrics.”

– says András Hajba, the director of the video.

It was not the first time he worked with the band, as the official video of „Way Out” – the song from their second album „Addicted” has been directed by him.

The Anahit’s future plan is releasing more uptempo tracks in the coming months and getting back on stage in Hungary and abroad as well – as soon as possible.

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